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Why Choose a British Cycling Level 3 Coach?

The British Cycling Level 3 coaching qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in cycling, allowing coaches, who have the practical skills, experience and knowledge of cycling, to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes for individual riders within a specific discipline.


Your training plan will be designed for you

If you follow an off-the-shelf training plan, there is a possibility that you won't get fitter, and will not benefit from  a structured plan which takes into account harder weeks and recovery weeks (periodisation) therefore ending up on race day either under trained or worse over trained.

Time Efficient

Training with a coach will save you precious time. The time consuming work of planning will be taken care of for you. Your schedule will be emailed over to you via Training Peaks. Your free time can be spent training, resting and improving!

A coach is your mentor & motivator

It is difficult to make objective decisions about training and racing, not least because such decisions are often emotional as well as physical. A coach will help you focus on your priorities and give you honest feedback on your choices even when it may not be what you want to hear. Having a bespoke training programme will help motivate you and keep you focused on your goals knowing your coach will be giving you feedback after sessions.

A technical approach

A coach will include technical, tactical, and psychological training in to your programme, not simply workouts designed to improve your physiology. Athletes often enjoy working on their strengths; a coach will ask you to work on your weaknesses.

Getting started At the outset we’ll have a detailed discussion about your goals and sporting history building a profile of where you are now & where you need to be. Once the basics are understood I look at your target events and goals to determine which physical, psychological, technical and tactical requirements are needed, then use this information to start planning & building your bespoke program. 

Honesty here is the only way to ensure we are both on the same page from the beginning. Performance improvement is about working on the things you need to improve, not the things you’re already good at!  

Remember having a coach is not just about receiving a set of intervals to complete each week or training 100% all of the time. It’s about being part of a dynamic partnership, being realistic with goals, balancing training with recovery and understanding what needs to change, why and how.

What to expect from your coach

Once you’re up and running you’ll conduct some performance tests to allow me to set your training zones. I’ll create an Annual Training Plan “ATP” which will keep your training very focused on your target events and of course you will have short, medium and longer term goals to reach as training progresses to ensure your ready come race day. Unlike a static plan each weeks training is based upon your feedback, performance and general well being in the previous training block. 

 During the build up to your events I work closely with you to build a strategy for the event so come the day you know exactly what you’re doing. As your coach I will support you 100% but as the athlete you must take ownership and responsibility for your training to ensure you reach your goals. 

Programs are designed around clients having access to either a power meter, and or a heart rate monitor.



SILVER                                 GOLD

Start-Up Interview/Consultation                                      ✔                                            ✔

Goal Planning                                                                  ✔                                      ✔

Individualised Plan Tailored to your Needs                     ✔                                          ✔

Communication Frequency                    1 call & 4 e-mails per month                 Unlimited

Training Schedules Posted                                     Monthly                                 Weekly

Training Schedule Updates                                   1 per month                 Up to four times per month

HR/Power/GPS File Review                                    Weekly                                 Unlimited



I offer silver & gold coaching packages to suit. For more details & fees and to discuss your goals, training aspirations in more detail please contact me so we can arrange a Skype/phone chat with no obligation.


Contact number +44 (0) 7800 802612